Death by Powerpoint I: The BCCI

One of the most grandiose cart-before-the-horse schemes imaginable is the BCCI’s dream of their own 24/7 cricket TV channel. It’s an exciting concept in theory, but remember that this is seen as a solution to the BCCI’s chronic inability to sell television rights in a coherent fashion.

Last week, BCCI representatives Lalit Modi and IS Bindra gave a powerpoint presentation of the findings of a feasiblity study into BCCI-TV. There would be a copy of the powerpoint display on the BCCI’s website except that… err, the BCCI doesn’t actually have a website.

The original powerpoint presentation is here: (source

Bcci Presentation by Rick Eyre on Scribd

It’s interesting to see all the items that have not been costed, and that international broadcast rights are listed as a “threat”. And no mention of women’s cricket, even though India is now the number 2 women’s team in the world.

Yes, it all looks wonderful in theory, until you remember which organisation would be running it… although they do float the possibility of an IPO someday.

I wonder what Mark Mascarenhas would have made of this if he were alive today?

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