Death by Powerpoint II: Mal Speed

SportAccord, a high-powered annual convention run by the GAISF, ASOIF and AIOWF, is currently under way for this year in Berlin. While the 2005 event seems to be dominated by the five aspirant cities for the 2012 Olympics hawking their stuff, the ICC’s very own Malcolm Speed was on deck yesterday giving a talk on “The integrity issue – the impact of betting on sports”.

The ICC has issued a press release, summarising Speed’s main points, but you can follow the powerpoint show in full on the SportAccord website (2.94 MB, PPT). Rather a lot of newspaper clippings from the Bad Old Days When Match Fixing Was Rife (or should I say, that fleeting period when match-fixers were being caught).

Speed makes reference to the UK’s Gambling Act 2005 which received Royal Assent on April 8. The Department of Culture, Media and Sport’s Gambling and Racing page is a good reference point to start reading up on the Gambling Act.

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