ICC President welcomes integration of women’s cricket

ICC President Ehsan Mani today welcomed the integration of women’s and men’s international cricket under the umbrella of the ICC. Two days after Australia won the eighth Women’s World Cup in South Africa, Mr Mani said that the IWCC had merged with the ICC to help drive the development of the sport.

“The conclusion of the entertaining World Cup tournament marks an historical time in the development of women’s cricket. After two years of discussions, the International Women’s Cricket Council has approved its merger with the ICC and the work can now begin to draw women’s and men’s cricket closer together at international level,” said Mr Mani.

The newly constituted ICC Women’s Cricket Committee, which will be chaired by the former IWCC vice-president Betty Timmer, will make recommendations to the ICC Development Committee on all matters relating to women’s cricket.

“The ICC is tremendously excited about the prospect of working with the players, administrators and all those involved in women’s cricket,” added Mr Mani.

“Many of our member countries have already moved in this direction and it has proved beneficial for both the women’s and men’s games.

“I offer sincere thanks to the outgoing IWCC President Christine Brierley and the many dedicated volunteers who have supported the development of the women’s game over the years.”

“It is our responsibility to build on the existing body of knowledge and the ICC Women’s Cricket Committee members will help us achieve this goal,” said Mr Mani.

“In addition we have already employed Megan Smith in the new role of Women’s Project Officer to work specifically on the integration project.

“I have no doubt that there are many challenges that lie ahead and it is important to recognise that there will not be dramatic changes overnight, but we look forward to making positive strides in the administration of the international women’s game,” said Mr Mani.

Christine Brierley, who will now step down from the role of IWCC President, said that the merger was a positive development for the sport.

“This merger will increase the participation levels of women and girls in cricket. The women’s international profile will also benefit as there will be one body now responsible for cricket worldwide,” she said.

The integration of women’s cricket will be formally recognised at the ICC Annual Conference in June this year, with the first formal ICC Women’s Cricket Committee meeting scheduled to take place in London at the same time.

The composition of the ICC Women’s Cricket Committee is as follows:
* Betty Timmer
* Ann Browne-John
* Catherine Campbell
* Belinda Clark
* Gill McConway
* Joan Edwards
* Shubhangi Kulkarni

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