ICC Board suspends USACA – ICC Cricket

Mr N.Srinivasan: “The ICC Board has made this difficult decision in the best interest of the game and all cricketers in the USA”

Source: ICC Board suspends USACA – ICC Cricket

Cricket tournament to U.S. team: Bug off

The US papers are starting to catch wind of their nation’s latest cricketing debacle. Even if the Baltimore Sun chooses to package it all under a Jiminy pun. Continue reading “Cricket tournament to U.S. team: Bug off”

Bart King must be spinning in his grave today

It’s a hundred years since Bart King, America’s greatest cricketer of all time, graced the playing fields of both his own country and of England as a world-class all-rounder. It was Sunday, August 6, 1905, that five thousand people watched a New York XI lose by fifty runs to the MCC in a two-day game at the Staten Island Cricket Club. American cricket has had its ups and downs since then, but yesterday brought one of its lowest moments. Continue reading “Bart King must be spinning in his grave today”

USA a failed state – ICC intervenes

Sensational but not entirely unexpected news from the ICC (that’s International Cricket Council, not the International Criminal Court). The USA has been kicked out of the 2005 Inter-continental Cup, with the Cayman Islands taking their place in the Americas group. Continue reading “USA a failed state – ICC intervenes”