USA a failed state – ICC intervenes

Sensational but not entirely unexpected news from the ICC (that’s International Cricket Council, not the International Criminal Court). The USA has been kicked out of the 2005 Inter-continental Cup, with the Cayman Islands taking their place in the Americas group.

This just in:


The International Cricket Council today withdrew the invitation to the United States of America Cricket Association to send a team to contest the ICC Intercontinental Cup after the factions disputing who controls the USACA were unable to agree on a unified team to represent the country.

In its place, an invitation has today been extended to the Cayman Islands to join the competition as the next ranked country from the region.

ICC Chief Executive, Malcolm Speed, wrote to both factions in the USA today withdrawing the invitation and expressing his regret and frustration at their unwillingness to reach a compromise that would have allowed an American team to take part in the only global multi-day cricket competition for teams outside the Test arena.

“It is now clear that agreement has not been reached on a team to represent USA in the forthcoming ICC Intercontinental Cup,” said Mr Speed in the letter.

“ICC has been extremely patient in seeking to enable the two parties to agree on a team. It is very disappointing for all concerned that you have not been able to agree on the final composition of the team.

“We are not able to wait any longer as it is necessary to finalise details of the competing teams. Accordingly, please be advised that the invitation to USA to take part in the ICC Intercontinental Cup for 2005 is withdrawn with immediate effect.

“An invitation will be extended today to Cayman Islands to take the place previously offered to USA.

“By way of comment, neither party should see this outcome as a victory. Regrettably, the game of cricket in the USA and the cricketers who seek to play cricket for USA at the highest level are again the losers.”

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