Cricket tournament to U.S. team: Bug off

The US papers are starting to catch wind of their nation’s latest cricketing debacle. Even if the Baltimore Sun chooses to package it all under a Jiminy pun.

The Sun’s sports columnist, Mr and Mrs Side’s little boy named The Flip, is more taken by the fact that, bearing in mind that cricket games can take a long time, “the man in charge of the sport is named Speed”. If only The Flip realised that the man running (ruining?) the sport in the States is a man named Dainty.

America’s embarrassment could worsen if, as now seems likely, their under-19 team can qualify this week for a berth in next year’s World Cup in Sri Lanka. My only source at this stage is an anonymous (but seemingly informed) post to the message boards, but it reports that the USA U19s won their second game of the qualifying tournament in Toronto on Tuesday when they defeated Bermuda. Having already beaten Canada on Monday and with games against Argentina and the Cayman Islands still to come, the US team looks set to finish in top spot in the Americas group.

In a few months there will be the selection of a national world cup under-19 squad to fret over.

There’s a blog entry written last month by Mr and Mrs Umpire’s little boy, Fourth, commenting on the USACA situation.

The USACA Council of Leagues has its own website, and its Interim Committee issued its own statement on Monday following the ICC announcement of the expulsion from the Intercontinental Cup. The USACA establishment’s website is saying nix.

Meanwhile, they’re happy over on the Cayman Islands, as reported today by Caribbean Net News.

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