Riots in Belfast? What riots in Belfast?

Yes it’s always good to have an historic sporting triumph to keep civil unrest off the front pages…

Congratulations to you and the whole team on your fantastic series win.

It’s been sport at its very best, played in a wonderful spirit between two exceptional sides, and has gripped the whole country.

With so many people following this extraordinary series ball by ball, I’m not sure our economy could stand many more days like today – or our nerves any more excitement.

But by bringing the Ashes back after so long, you have given cricket a huge boost and lit up the whole summer.

Congratulations to everyone on an unforgettable series and a fantastic win.

With best wishes
Tony Blair

Earth, I’m comin down!

Warmest congratulations to you, the England team and all in the squad for the magnificent achievement of regaining the Ashes. This has been a truly memorable series and both sides can take credit for giving us all such a wonderfully exciting and entertaining summer of cricket at its best.


– The Queen of Australia, among other countries, displays her partisanship in a congratulatory message to Michael Vaughan

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The unique drama of Test cricket

The astounding cricket played by England and Australia has not only rejuvenated the 123 year old Ashes competition, it’s also demonstrated that the five Test series is one of the supreme forms of spectator sport available on earth today.

New column by Mike Marqusee in Wednesday’s Guardian, and reproduced on his own blog, praising the current Ashes series.

Remember what they said about McGwire and Bonds

The ever-diligent Rajneesh Gupta notes that Australia has now had more sixes struck against them in the current Test series than in any previous series. And that with two matches to play.

England has clobbered 26 sixes over the ropes thus far in the 2005 Ashes, beating the 23 struck by the South Africans of 1966-67 at higher altitudes.

There’s some undocumented stats that could probably help explain this phenomenon better: (i) the dimensions of the playing area for each Test; (ii) the weight of the bats used in hitting those sixes.