Ashes, bombers, weasels, feet, mouths

Ah yes, sport and politics can be such a hilarious mix sometimes. Here’s an extract from the Hansard from the House of Reps session in Canberra earlier this evening.

By way of background, the Dramatis Personae of this vignette are as follows:

Bob Baldwin – portly Liberal member for the NSW seat of Paterson;
Kim “Bomber” Beazley – Leader of the Federal Opposition. Jokingly blamed John Howard earlier today for losing the Ashes.
John Howard – Currently in New York to undermine the United Nations World Summit on the Millenium Development Goals. Reportedly followed the end of the Fifth Test via a specially arranged uplink to his hotel room (which sounds to me like a laptop logged onto BBC Five Live).
Weasel – Prime Minister of Australia since 1996.

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