Beautiful game rises from the Ashes

It happens every time the Prince of Wales gets married. In 1981, within weeks of Charles’ wedding to Diana, a young tearaway called Ian Botham marked the occasion by leading England to a stunning set of victories over Australia at cricket.

– Matthew Engel, Financial Times, 19.8.05

Proof that even Matthew Engel can talk bollocks sometimes. Or does he?

I’ve done some research:

Prince of Wales’ weddings – impact on Ashes series 1882-1979:

1893: G.F.E.A.Windsor (later King George V) married V.M.Teck (Princess May) on July 6. Three-Test series began on July 17, England regaining the Ashes 1-0 from Australia on August 28 when the Third Test was drawn.

1936: E.A.C.G.P.A.D.Windsor (then King Edward VIII) abdicated on December 10 due to constitutional conflicts over his intended marriage to B.W.Simpson (nee Warfield). England, at that point 1-0 up in Ashes series in Australia, went on to lose 3-2 after leading 2-0. Series was decided at end of Fifth Test, 3 March 1937. Five days later, Windsor marries Simpson. England regain Ashes at next opportunity, in 1938. England fail to regain the Ashes until they have a male heir once again.

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