Cricket journalism will never be different again

Pardon me while my brain explodes…

“What Kapil and the watching millions witnessed was a day that changed cricket forever”

– Jamie Jackson, The Observer, 24.2.08

“The timeless game of cricket may just have changed forever this week.”

– Stuart Barnes, The Sunday Times (UK), 24.2.08

“Wednesday changed the world of cricket”

– Tony Irish, South African Cricketers Association CEO, as quoted by Colin Bryden, Sunday Times (South Africa), 24.2.08

“Cricket changed forever and irrevocably this week.”

– Rebecca Wilson, Daily Telegraph (Sydney), 23.2.08

“The morning after the Indian Premier League auction, when their phones did not stop ringing, most Indian cricketers stayed put in their hotel rooms and reflected on the seismic event which has changed their lives forever.”

– Press Trust of India via, 21.2.08

“The game’s the thing, but it is forever changed.”

– Ben Doherty, The Age, 22.2.08

“Will February 20, 2008, go down in history as the day cricket changed forever?”

– Himanshu Singhal, CNN-IBN, 21.2.08

“Symonds’ high-priced sale and its circumstances were the major talking points of a day where cricket’s conventions were changed forever”

– Australian Associated Press via, 20.2.08

“On a day when more than Rs 160 crore was spent to buy 86 cricketers, Cricket’s Big Baazar changed the gentleman’s game and the gentlemen forever.”

– CNN-IBN, 21.2.08

“More than 30 years after Packer’s World Series Cricket changed the face of cricket forever…. this could be the next defining moment for the game.”

– Economic Times, 21.2.08

“The next couple of years will determine if it has changed for the better, worse, or just plain changed. But make no mistake, it will never be the same again.”

– Dylan Cleaver, New Zealand Herald, 24.2.08

“Cricket, it is now recognised the world over, will never be the same again.”

– Boria Majumdar, Times of India, 23.2.08

“Truly, the game will never be the same again.”

– Satish Vishwanatahan,, 20.2.08

“Watching yesterday’s auction in Mumbai, an unprecedented experiment in which the open market decided selection rather than captains or committees, one fancied cricket will never be the same again.”

– Paul Kelso, The Guardian, 21.2.08

“Debate may rage about the merits of this development but it is inevitable. Nor will there be any going back.”

– Sir Neville Cardus, as channelled by Peter Roebuck, Sydney Morning Herald, 22.2.08

“This probably hasn’t been written in the last couple of days, but the game has changed forever.”

– Kerry O’Keeffe, Sunday Telegraph (Sydney), 24.2.08. At least he was taking the piss.

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