Symonds saves Australia

The question has to be asked: If Andrew Symonds stayed off the turps last Friday night, would Australia be undefeated in the NatWest Series today?

To quote John Howard’s favourite answer in parliamentary question time:


I kept to my policy of not losing sleep over the NatWest Series, and thus copped out before the end of the Australian innings. Ball-by-ball commentary on the game from The Cricket Site, and Rob Smyth’s fabulous OBO at The Guardian – Australian innings, then England innings.

In the Great Tradition That Never Was, Australia now leads England 45-34-1 in limited-over internationals (and I include England’s win in the twenty-over-a-side limited-over game last week in those stats).

Cricket Australia has a 1.5 Meg MP3 of Symonds talking about his past week.

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