Random thoughts during NWS 5

In my BBC interview on Tuesday, Rhod Sharp described me as “following the NatWest Series avidly”. I have no idea how he arrived at that conclusion.

I went to bed on Saturday when Bangladesh were crawling along at 3.0 runs per over against Australia. I was asleep when Kevin Pietersen went berko on Sunday and I’ll probably be snoring through his three-ball duck later tonight. And I don’t have Fox Sports these days so I can’t see the England-Bangladesh games.

Australia 92 for 2 against England at Dynamo Durham Stadium as I speak. Wheelie bin Giles has just caught a skied shot off Ponting at deep third man after Pietersen let a similar ball bounce in front of him in the previous over. Oh, erm, it’s 92 for 3. Hayden’s caught behind.

But don’t expect any running commentary from me tonight. Rob Smyth is in fine form at The Guardian today. Memories of what CricInfo was like in the good old days before Travis was barred from doing comms…

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