The paper rout of Bangladesh’s Aussie rout

Coverage from the British Sunday papers of Australia’s humiliation by Bangladesh at Sophia Gardens on Saturday:

Simon Wilde in the Sunday Times:

Bangladesh yesterday pulled off one of the greatest upsets in cricket, and possibly all sport

Vic Marks in the Observer:

At the start of the day we wondered whether the Aussie juggernaut was spluttering. By the end, it seemed to be missing several wheels.

Geoff Lawson in the Observer:

The surprise in the success of the chase should lie not in Australia’s failure to defend a total twice in four days but in the mature and disciplined fashion in which Bangladesh pursued.

Scyld Berry in the Sunday Telegraph:

Australia’s amazingly demoralised mood stems from some combination of their two defeats last week, the disciplinary action which had to be taken against Andrew Symonds and may have to be taken against Hussey, and perhaps the realisation that their empire is finally in decline.

Mike Atherton in the Sunday Telegraph:

Their [Australia’s] hegemony over the last decade has been largely based on better bowling and out cricket than their opponents. And it is precisely these two areas where they have looked most out-of-sorts.

Worst headline of the match, however, goes to Sydney’s Sun-Herald. Going to press before the match was finished, they headlined Chloe Saltau’s report on the Australian innings with the title:

Bangers mash top order

A couple of MP3s on the ABC website: some post-match interviews by Jim Maxwell (12:13, 2.8megs) and the audio of the winning runs (1:12, 285k).

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