Ashes News 4 Kids

The BBC’s childrens digital TV channel CBBC has a daily news program called “Newsround” which presents the news of the day in a manner that is aimed at children. I can only evaluate their work from what I see on BBC Online’s Newsround website, but I quite like what I’ve seen so far.

With bad news stories they link to a section entitled What to do if the news upsets you. This includes tips on reassurance, staying safe, what to do in the case of nightmares, etc. (And no, they don’t link to this section on the Northern Ireland v England football report.)

Here is their report on Friday’s play in the Fifth Test, plus a link to an audio of that report being read aloud.

CBBC Newsround’s coverage of cricket is worth a browse, as is the whole site – especially if you have young children. You can always start with their Guide to the Ashes.

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