Real Midwinter cricket as Africa meets Asia

While the Asian XI appeared overjoyed about playing with each other, the South African team that charitably took in two Kenyans to give an all-Africa feel to the outfit, behaved like they were on a long-overdue trip to the dentist.

– Ranajit Dam, CricInfo, 17.8.05

It’s a Wednesday in the middle of winter in Centurion. So why aren’t the South African fans thronging in their thousands to see the latest figment of Jagmohan Dalmiya’s cash register… er, imagination?

As I write this, the Asian XI (really a XII under current playing conditions) has begun its pursuit of the African XI(I)’s total of 198 all out. I wonder who cares. Ken Borland looks like he won’t be enjoying covering the series. Sunit Kaul of the Hindustan Times is not too keen.

At least Graeme Smith benefits from the “official ODI status” of these games, as they will soak up the remainder of his four-match suspension.

More interesting is the fact that a little further to the north, in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe has lasted almost to the end of Day Three before losing by an innings to New Zealand in the Second Test.

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