England v Australia Pyjama Cricket Lite

Let this be the first and last time I use the buzzword “Twenty20” to describe what is nothing more than glorified 20 overs a side tippety-run like we used to play at school.

The PCL (Pyjama Cricket Lite) game between England and Australia at the Rose Bowl, Southampton is about to start.

You’ve gotta hand it to Channel Seven. Sky Sports’ coverage absolutely enhanced with Tony Squires anchoring their telecast in Sydney, Stuie MacGill alongside him for expert insights, and Boofhead Lehmann at the ground with the sideline mike.

Doesn’t matter, I have the TV sound down and listening to BBC Five Live. Now this is amusing. Agnew drivelling about PCL being “the future of cricket”, while the good old Booker T and the MGs theme sound, circa 1968, playing in the background. Future indeed.

Comments during the game if I can stay awake. Live scores at Ananova, and let’s not forget the Guardian live description.

(Oh dear, the internet audio is about thirty seconds ahead of the Channel 7 video, and not the other way around.)

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