What’s this with Surrey this year?

What’s going on, guys?

I can cope with a draw against Sussex in the County Championship – at least Surrey came out of that game with more points than their opponents. And I can barely cope with the loss of a National League Division Two game on steroids against Yorkshire by the margin of 334 to 291. (Ali Brown 89 from 46 balls, you are still a legend.)

But losing to Bradford and Leeds UCCE by four wickets? At The Oval no less? (Gloating supplied by the Corridor of Uncertainty.) Thank goodness it wasn’t a first-class fixture. Ucc!

And if that wasn’t enough, yesterday in the Totesport League (National League to you) Durham scored 224 for 8, and in reply the mighty Lions assembled a tidy 86. Ali Brown’s four-ball duck was an absolute snail’s pace compared to Ramprakash’s golden quacker.

The National League bowling stats of Mohammad Akram are especially invigorating: 18-0-149-2 for an economy rate of 8.27 runs per over. OK, so it’s better than Rikki Clarke’s 7-1-65-0.

This Wednesday, it’s off to Cardiff to play Glamorgan in the Championship. I’ll be expecting some improvement, guys…

Footnote: The Surrey website allegedly has a video “highlights” section, however all of the links to the video clips are broken – they look like a hybrid of HTML and javascript. It’s gonna be one of those years at Surrey…

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