Hellas the champions!

It’s probably the only time that indoor cricket is officially embraced by the outdoor game. The European Cricket Council’s annual indoor championship was decided on Sunday in the Danish city of Herning. Congratulations to Greece, who beat the host nation by three runs in the final.

The ECC website has a video clip of Denmark losing their final wicket, and the jubilation of the Greek camp as they win their first European Indoor title since 2002. Was Euro 2004 ever this exciting? (Well, yes.)

A reminder that we are playing a different game here can be seen in the scorecard of the final, where one entry in the Danish innings reads:
Bilal Khan Ali roofed b J Eletheriadis 11

Congratulations also to Portugal, who defeated France in the third-place playoff. Portuguese opener Torben Rankine was the tournament’s leading run-scorer with 203. His team-mate R.Antunes (sorry I haven’t been able to track his full first name) was leading wicket-taker with 9.

Minor placings in the competition went to Belgium (5th), Spain (6th) and Luxembourg (7th), who scored an upset win in Saturday’s local derby against Belgium.

When everyone gets bored with Twenty20, there will always be this Ten10 to turn to.

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