Abyssinia Warnie: The final break

Just when we thought we had seen the last of Shane Warne’s bowling… we had.
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Shane Warne wins the 2006-07 Midwinter-Midwinter

Shane Warne has wrapped up the 2006-07 Midwinter-Midwinter, the rickeyre.com BoG award for this summer’s Ashes series.
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Sydney Day Four: Goodbye, farewell, amen, and John did you drop something?

Not since the Harlem Globetrotters last beat the Washington Generals has a foregone sporting conclusion been so rapturously and emotionally received by a sell-out crowd. Continue reading “Sydney Day Four: Goodbye, farewell, amen, and John did you drop something?”

Sydney Day Three: You did *what* for an MBE?

“You got an MBE, right? For scoring seven at the Oval? It’s an embarrassment.”

– Dr Shane Warne to Paul Collingwood MBE, Sydney Cricket Ground, 4.1.07.

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Sydney Day Two: Warne’s 1000th vegetable

You have  to hand it to the Murdoch comic books. One week they are celebrating – in advance – the Lord Of The RingsText Alert’s 700th wicket, the next week they are celebrating his 1000th wicket. With that rarest or rarities, the full page colour liftout commemorative poster.

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Sydney Day One: Con te partiro

Imagine an artist at the canvas on the boundary fence of a packed SCG on the opening day of the New Years Test. Imagine Jack Russell, brush in hand, white floppy hat, characteristic moustache, outlining the curves of Aussie Stadium peeking from behind the Noble Stand, the clock on the Members Stand showing a quarter past four.

A man neatly dressed in a suit appears in the middle of the arena. But it’s not the CEO of one of the myriad of sponsors – not unless he is a classically-trained opera singer. 
Suddenly, the painter’s hat flies away, the moustache curls up, Jack Russell has morphed into Salvador Dali, and the SCG clock melts away. Continue reading “Sydney Day One: Con te partiro”

Ashes 2005: Fifth Test The Oval

England v Australia, Fifth Test, The Oval, 8-12 September 2005
England 373 and 335, Australia 367 and 4 for 0.
Match drawn. England win the series 2-1.

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Ashes 2005: Third Test Old Trafford

England v Australia, Third Test, Old Trafford, 11-15 August 2005
England 444 and 280 for 6 dec, Australia 302 and 371 for 9
Match drawn.

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Ashes 2005: Second Test Edgbaston

England v Australia, Second Test, Edgbaston, 4-7 August 2005
England 407 and 182, Australia 308 and 279.
England won by two runs.


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Sledging by Media 1: Shane’s Shame

Shane’s Shame: Married Aussie cricket ace begged me for sex, but it was OWZAT! in seconds
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