Not so ridiculous quote-du-jour

“This is the second most important day in world cricket, according to me. The first was in 1994 when the monopoly of Doordarshan came to an end when we won the court case.”

– Inderjit Singh Bindra, member of the IPL Governing Committee, discussing the IPL player auction,, 20.2.08

Call me a cynic, but Bindra is not too far off the mark with this self-serving observation.

Cricket’s home moves closer to the money

Cricket’s home moves closer to the money
(Raja M/Asia Times, 22.4.05)

“The ICC cannot afford to pay 30% tax…”
– Inderjit Singh Bindra

Why the ICC moved to a tax haven, in the words of the man who wants to get the BCCI listed on the Indian stock market.

Death by Powerpoint I: The BCCI

One of the most grandiose cart-before-the-horse schemes imaginable is the BCCI’s dream of their own 24/7 cricket TV channel. It’s an exciting concept in theory, but remember that this is seen as a solution to the BCCI’s chronic inability to sell television rights in a coherent fashion. Continue reading “Death by Powerpoint I: The BCCI”