Big Show by The Big Show: A 2014 cricket highlight

Victoria Bitter? No, that’s just the advertising.

New South Wales defeated Victoria by an innings and 48 runs in two and a half days at the Sydney Cricket Ground on 14 February 2014. This was despite the best efforts of Glenn “The Big Show” Maxwell who scored 94 for the Vics in their first innings of 218.

(Stay to the end, there are video highlights)

A Big Show by the Big Show (With Tweets) · Rickeyre · Storify by Rick Eyre on Scribd

Cricket storified from 1 to 4 November 2010

(Storify was a great tool while it lasted. Its owner, livefyre, has pulled the plug on the free version from 15 May 2018 saying, rightly, that its basic features are available elsewhere now. Such as WordPress. Here – and on a handful of other pages – I am attempting to rebuild some articles created originally as Storify pages. – RE, 2018-03-18)

My first attempt at using Storify to curate a blog entry. Here, I’m covering some cricket news from the first four days of November 2010, using a selection of my tweets as the backbone. Continue reading “Cricket storified from 1 to 4 November 2010”