Sunil Gavaskar at 70, a thread

A thread that I posted to Twitter to commemorate Sunil Gavaskar’s 70th birthday on July 10 2019: Continue reading “Sunil Gavaskar at 70, a thread”

politicians standing in front of womens cricket team dot tumblr dot com

This is one way to welcome home a successful national women’s sporting team Continue reading “politicians standing in front of womens cricket team dot tumblr dot com”

ICC Womens Cricket World Cup Final 2017, England v India

Highlights from the final of the eleventh Womens Cricket World Cup

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Sachin A Billion Dreams film review

You could sit Sachin Tendulkar down at a desk in front of a single camera, get him to read from the telephone book for six hours and it would be a box-office smash. Thankfully director James Erskine and the producers of “Sachin: A Billion Dreams” have more respect for both their subject and the filmgoing public in this entertaining 139 minute documentary on India’s most loved sportsperson and greatest cricketer. Continue reading “Sachin A Billion Dreams film review”

2015: A year in cricket (or at least the start of it)

January 1, Kirribilli House, Sydney. Two of these three men still had their job at the end of the year:

Now we have the entire Australian eleven in shot. #AusvInd #Cricket

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While you sleep, I train. While you eat, I train. While you party, I train. February 21 is my goal!

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Stats porn. Are we all addicts?

When it comes to stats and trivia about cricket, I’ve been hooked since I was a teenager. It’s easy to get seduced by the numbers and the mathematical comparisons, but I figure it’s ok so long as the sport itself remains more important.

I draw a line, however, when statistical “milestones” become playthings of the media industry, a raison d’etre of the sports desk at the 24/7 news outlet, the honeytrap for mindless SMS fodder. The presentation of obscure and contrived stats for media self-gratification and/or profit – this surely justifies the definition of Stats Pornography.
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The IPL: Welcome to Sub Prime Cricket

As I write, Delhi are 48 for 1 after six overs against the Deccan Chronicles Chargers, and presumably cruising to victory in Game Seven of the Indian Premier League. There’s a lot to observe and a lot to talk about.  Continue reading “The IPL: Welcome to Sub Prime Cricket”

For rural India, life goes on

“I’m more IPL savvy. And I’m reading the sports sections more now. My interest in cricket will take time.”

Preity Zinta, co-owner of the Mohali IPL franchise, in an interview with Times of India, 22.2.08

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Two billion rupees

News just in via the Press Trust of India following the BCCI’s Working Committee meeting in New Delhi on Monday.

The BCCI’s draft annual report and audited accounts for 2004-05 were presented. If they have been made public I’d love to see a copy, but PTI reports that the Board will distribute Rs.52 crore (that’s 520 million rupees to the uninitiated) to its cricketers. Continue reading “Two billion rupees”

Why not just make him President for Life?

The Cricket Association of Bengal has amended its constitution to allow Jagmohan Dalmiya to serve a third term as its president. A special general meeting of the CAB voted this week to remove the clause in its constitution limiting an association president to holding a maximum of two terms in the post. This will allow Dalmiya to continue as CAB President beyond July this year, which is also the month when his term as president of the ICC expires. Joint Secretary of the CAB, Debdas Bannerjee, stated, “We are not denying the fact that we changed the constitution for Mr Dalmiya. The CAB needs him. He is the man who can mobilise funds for us.” Last week, Dalmiya was named to the newlycreated position of Chairman of the Asian Cricket Foundation (ACF).

– CricInfo365, 7.4.00

No surprises Wednesday night at Eden Gardens, except that there was an election at all. Jagmohan Dalmiya, the man with more hats than a bald hydra, has been re-elected president of the Cricket Association of Bengal (CAB). Continue reading “Why not just make him President for Life?”