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Climate change explained for cricket tragics

Unfortunately, John Howard was not in the House when Shadow Minister for Environment, Heritage and Water, Anthony Albanese, gave the following solution for reducing greenhouse emissions, speaking in Federal Parliament on Wednesday:

Climate change is real and the threat of dangerous climate change is also real. What Labor would do is cut Australia’s greenhouse pollution by 60 per cent by 2050. We know that, if you have a target, it is like a one-day cricket target: you do not bat out the first 30 overs; you send out Adam Gilchrist to get some runs on the board early because it makes it easy to get to the target later on. That is what the business council’s Global Roundtable on Climate Change has said.

Stanford’s spectacular turns to vaporware

Allen Stanford’s multi-million dollar 20/20 extravaganza has become the latest entrant to the Pantheon of Cricket Vaporware – those would-be cash cows that disappear after, if they’re lucky, one outing, or if they’re unlucky – none.

The Stanford 20/20 Super Star match, set down between West Indies and South Africa for November 10 with a winner take-all purse of €3.9 million, has been cancelled. The reason will shock you, so sit down.

It clashes with an official ICC fixture. The West Indies start a Test match at Lahore less than 24 hours after the scheduled date of Allen Stanford’s brainchild.

I’ll defer to for analysis of the reasons and impact of the cancellation. Five million smackers for a twenty over-a-side slugfest sounds ridiculously obscene, and hopefully the lad from Texas will do something more constructive and less flashy next time… and I reckon there will be a next time.
Oh, the mention of vaporware reminds me to check out for any updates…