How the new MOU works

Peace in our time. A new deal. All the 1930s cliches you like, but Cricket Australia and the Australian Cricketers Association have agreed on a new Memorandum of Understanding for the next five years.

This infographic (sourced from the ACA website) explains the main issues of how it will work.


The Midwinter-Midwinter for 2010-11

Tweet by tweet announcements of the 2010-11 Midwinter-Midwinter:

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Cricket storified from 1 to 4 November 2010

(Storify was a great tool while it lasted. Its owner, livefyre, has pulled the plug on the free version from 15 May 2018 saying, rightly, that its basic features are available elsewhere now. Such as WordPress. Here – and on a handful of other pages – I am attempting to rebuild some articles created originally as Storify pages. – RE, 2018-03-18)

My first attempt at using Storify to curate a blog entry. Here, I’m covering some cricket news from the first four days of November 2010, using a selection of my tweets as the backbone. Continue reading “Cricket storified from 1 to 4 November 2010”

Great moments in weight loss

England women’s all-rounder Katherine Brunt, as quoted by Sam Wheeler in Saturday’s Yorkshire Post:

“I lost 22 stone in six months,” she said. “I found I could bowl a lot quicker and my action was quicker.”

Well, yes, I’m sure you would…

ODIs do not need fixing – Smith

ODIs do not need fixing – Smith
(News 24 via UCBSA website, 15.8.05)

Another reason why Graeme Smith will never be the captain Hansie Cronje was…

Cricket tournament to U.S. team: Bug off

The US papers are starting to catch wind of their nation’s latest cricketing debacle. Even if the Baltimore Sun chooses to package it all under a Jiminy pun. Continue reading “Cricket tournament to U.S. team: Bug off”

USA a failed state – ICC intervenes

Sensational but not entirely unexpected news from the ICC (that’s International Cricket Council, not the International Criminal Court). The USA has been kicked out of the 2005 Inter-continental Cup, with the Cayman Islands taking their place in the Americas group. Continue reading “USA a failed state – ICC intervenes”

Sledging by Media 2: Is that the truth or is your news limited?

Rupert Murdoch’s flagship random word generator doctoring photographs and dredging up sexist, homophobic stereotypes yet again. Yes, it’s all good clean honest sledging, isn’t it?

Sledging by Media 1: Shane’s Shame

Shane’s Shame: Married Aussie cricket ace begged me for sex, but it was OWZAT! in seconds
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The paper rout of Bangladesh’s Aussie rout

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