Should Australia be axed from one-day internationals?

It’s one thing to lose a 20 over-a-side game to England by 100 runs. Losing a 50 over-a-side game to Bangladesh by five wickets takes Australia’s incompetence to new levels. Can they be trusted in 5-day Test matches? Continue reading “Should Australia be axed from one-day internationals?”

England v Australia Pyjama Cricket Lite

Let this be the first and last time I use the buzzword “Twenty20” to describe what is nothing more than glorified 20 overs a side tippety-run like we used to play at school. Continue reading “England v Australia Pyjama Cricket Lite”

Dr King and I

Radio interview for Community Radio Network program “Access Internet” in about December 1996. It’s a ten minute feature on CricInfo, mostly comprising an interview with CricInfo’s founder Dr Simon King. You’ll also hear some comments from one Rick Eyre, the majority of whose interview ended up on the cutting room floor. Continue reading “Dr King and I”

BCCI-WCAI merger put on hold

[This article originally appeared on the now defunct website Cricketwoman. – RE]

The merger of the Women’s Cricket Association of India (WCAI) with the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has been put on hold, at least for the time being. Continue reading “BCCI-WCAI merger put on hold”

Nine live: cricket’s TV blackouts face the axe

Nine live: cricket’s TV blackouts face the axe
(Sydney Morning Herald, 29.4.05)

The SMH is reporting today that the antiquated home city Test TV blackout of the first two sessions of the day might be canned, if Cricket Australia signs up with Channel 9 for another seven years of covering Australian cricket. Continue reading “Nine live: cricket’s TV blackouts face the axe”

What’s this with Surrey this year?

What’s going on, guys? Continue reading “What’s this with Surrey this year?”

Geez didn’t that come around quick!

“I’ve been fascinated by your five-year plan for the last fifteen years”
– Melvyn Douglas to Greta Garbo, Ninotchka (1939)

It seems only yesterday that the ECB drafted their last sweeping visionary plan for the overhaul of English cricket. (And we all have such fond memories of “Raising the Standard”.) With as much regularity as Olympic Games, general elections and Star Wars sequels, and even less eagerly awaited than the next Harry Potter Encyclopedia, this week we saw the publication of “Building Partnerships” – the ECB’s strategic plan for 2005-2009. Continue reading “Geez didn’t that come around quick!”

Cricket’s home moves closer to the money

Cricket’s home moves closer to the money
(Raja M/Asia Times, 22.4.05)

“The ICC cannot afford to pay 30% tax…”
– Inderjit Singh Bindra

Why the ICC moved to a tax haven, in the words of the man who wants to get the BCCI listed on the Indian stock market.

Death by Powerpoint II: Mal Speed

SportAccord, a high-powered annual convention run by the GAISF, ASOIF and AIOWF, is currently under way for this year in Berlin. While the 2005 event seems to be dominated by the five aspirant cities for the 2012 Olympics hawking their stuff, the ICC’s very own Malcolm Speed was on deck yesterday giving a talk on “The integrity issue – the impact of betting on sports”. Continue reading “Death by Powerpoint II: Mal Speed”

Death by Powerpoint I: The BCCI

One of the most grandiose cart-before-the-horse schemes imaginable is the BCCI’s dream of their own 24/7 cricket TV channel. It’s an exciting concept in theory, but remember that this is seen as a solution to the BCCI’s chronic inability to sell television rights in a coherent fashion. Continue reading “Death by Powerpoint I: The BCCI”